Focusing on intelligent commercial audio and video products and industry solutions, Blucalm Technology has obtained 23+ core patents and CTTL's Noise Cancellation Certification based on the technical team's 20+ years of professional accumulation in the field of DSP audio algorithms and communication hardware development. 
Currently, we have a Shenzhen headquarters, Shanghai R&D center, and Xiamen operation center, and the project has been invested by Shenzhen InnoX Academy as well as Prof. Li Zexiang's fund (incubated unicorns companies such as DJI, Narwal, EcoFlow, etc./the same Angel Investor with the drone industry leader DJI)

As a technology & innovation-driven company, Blucalm takes pride in having a customized and dedicated dual-core intelligent voice processing chip-A9219, running the self-developed AENC Voice™ algorithm. With three product lines: noise reduction adapter, business headset, and video equipment (coming soon), Blucalm provides expert hardware products and solutions for diverse industry scenarios such as online meetings, hybrid working, call center, online education, etc., to improve users' communication efficiency and overall experience.

With constantly evolving modern communication and collaboration methods, Blucalm Technology has always prioritized understanding customers' real needs and fully comprehends the complexities and challenges that business professionals and individual users face in the post-epidemic era. 
Alongside providing mature hardware products, our experienced technical team enables us to offer tailored OEM and ODM services, covering everything from ID design to structural design, mold opening, and mass production delivery. We also specialize in USB software deep customization, helping agents personalize local users' requirements and create core values for customers with professional solutions.

Our mission, "Better Communication, Better Collaboration," drives us to break through boundaries through continuous innovation and leverage technology to make "clear" and "efficient" communication and collaboration more achievable than ever before.