Exploring the Future of the Low-Altitude Economy with Blucalm

Thank you to the Lujiang Forum and the Xiamen First eVTOL Development Forum for providing us the opportunity to understand trends in the “low-altitude economy” and “eVTOL,” and to listen to the valuable insights of industry elites. Through this platform, we have gained more inspiration and thoughts on product design and application scenarios, and have launched our new smart and efficient office set, the UCH30 Plus.
The upcoming developments of the "Low-altitude economy" may introduce the "air cab" and "air shuttle buses" into our lives in the near future. We aim to enhance communication experiences and provide more efficient industry solutions for business professionals, both “in the air” and “on the ground”.

Blucalm also shared insight on "how ENC technology can be applied in low-altitude using scenarios" and got our UCH30 Plus some cool selfies with eVTOL.

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