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UCH30 is a UC headset designed specially for business professionals. AI microphone environmental noise cancellation technology allows you to have a crisp and efficient call

Whenever, Wherever.



Blucalm's innovative ALL IN ONE product concept incorporates the double-side


function into the traditional headset,

and shows your work status to partners/family members in real-time.



Noise Cancelling

The industry-leading 3 microphones wired headset noise-canceling solution delivers the ultimate communication experience with:

◎ 96% background noise (Even Human Voice) blocked   

◎ max 54dB noise reduction rating  

◎ 20+ Invention Patents for DSP audio technology   

◎ Powerful dual-core AENC™ processing chip




It will automatically light up red when you are on a call, indicating a busy status. The Busylight on both earcups is visible from all angles, acting as a do-not-disturb sign and protecting your focus. It is compatible with 99% of softphones.




The ergonomic design provides you with an all-day-long wearing ease.

Featuring with:

◎ Premium skin-friendly protein leather ear cushion     

◎ Ultra-lightweight body       

◎ Improved ventilation pattern

It has superior comfort and professional performance perfectly combined.



Usage Scenarios

Looking Around for a Quiet Place? Privacy Leakage? Noisy Background?

Bad Experience for Users? Degraded Call Experience? Uncontrollable Noise?

Ineffective Communication?......