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  • Offering crystal-clear communication, noise cancellation, and all-day comfort, boosting collaboration and productivity in a flexible, hybrid work environment.
  • Elevate your home office with UCH30's noise-canceling, all-day comfort, Busylight for undisturbed focus, and exceptional sound quality. Stay productive, connected, and comfortable during remote work.
  • UCH30 revolutionizes call center performance, providing advanced noise-canceling, prolonged comfort for extended shifts, Busylight for undisturbed concentration, and superior sound quality, ensuring clarity in every conversation.
  • Beamforming
  • CASA
  • Deep Learning
  • VAD
  • AENC Filter Set

UCH30, My Go-to Device

For Important Calls

Simon丨Microsoft MVP (UK)

The UCH30 conference headphones deals admirably with background voices, not just ambient noise.


UCH30, A High-performance


Oluwatobi丨Microsoft MVP (Nigeria)

I'm impressed by its capabilities and believe it offers a compelling option for a variety of users.

UCH30, Noise Cancellation

was Fantastic

Dino丨Microsoft MVP (Canada)

I had a loud conversation happening in the background and none of it was audible to the far end user.